Script to download MEC 2014 presentations

Yay for code reuse! Tom Arbuthnot wrote a nifty script to download all the Lync Conference 2014 presentations, and since Microsoft used the same event management system for MEC 2014, I grabbed his script and tweaked it so that it will download the MEC 2014 session decks and videos. It only works if you are able to sign into the MyMEC site, as only attendees can download the presentations and videos at this time. I can’t guarantee that the script will pull all the sessions but it seems to be working so far— give it a try. (And remember, the many “Unplugged” sessions weren’t recorded so you won’t see any recordings or decks for them). If the script works, thank Tom; if it doesn’t, blame me.

Download the script


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3 responses to “Script to download MEC 2014 presentations

  1. Curtis Clemens

    hmm, seems the script isn’t finding the .mp4 links for me. “Cannot validate argument on parameter ‘SourceFile’…” 😦

    • robichaux

      There are a bunch of blank lines at the end of the URL lists for the 200 and 300 level sessions, and so you’ll see errors any time the script tries to fetch a blank line. You can edit the MEC_200_URLs.txt and MEC_300_URLs.txt to fix it. In addition, there are several sessions that don’t actually have videos, so they’ll generate errors too. I’ll update the URL file to remove those.

  2. Thanks Paul. Works like a charm!

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