Thursday trivia #101

I wrote a long post, then WordPress ate it, so here’s what you get instead: I am still in Santiago and have already worked 40 hours this week, with more on the way. A typical day starts about 8am with a team breakfast at the hotel, then about a 2km walk to get there, then boom! the fun begins. I have not left the office before 9pm yet, but I haven’t been there after 10pm either, so that’s good. When I get time (hopefully this weekend) I’ll write up my trip to Vina del Mar this past Sunday, then another post with some random observations about Santiago based on what little I’ve seen.

One Exchange-related note: I am fortunate to be working with two extremely sharp graduates of the Microsoft Certified Master program. I am more convinced than ever that Microsoft is doing themselves a great deal of damage by ending the program that takes smart, experienced consultants and gives them a means to sharpen their skills to such a high degree.

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