Transitions (or, “Dell, you’re getting a dude!”)

Nearly four years ago, I wrote a post here titled simply “We’re moving to California.” Now I’m writing this post because… I’m moving back to Alabama.

I’m also switching jobs; effective June 3, I will be joining Michael Przytula‘s Global Communications and Collaboration team at Dell as a global principal consultant. My first project will be assisting a large automotive supply company with their migration from Lotus Notes to Office 365, so I’m jumping back into the Exchange world with both feet.

The reasons for these changes can be summed up simply: in order to be an effective father to my sons, I need to be where they are. For two years, I have been commuting faithfully at my own expense to see them every other weekend, plus one week per month during which Acuitus allowed me to work remotely. This has been a great experience in itself in many ways, but it has also been emotionally exhausting, physically tiring, and extremely expensive. The constant back-and-forth has made me at times feel like a visitor, not a father, and I’ve had to miss a great many milestone events because they happened at times when I wasn’t, couldn’t be, there.

Moving back was simultaneously a no-brainer (of course I need to be where the boys are!) and a very difficult decision to actually execute on. I believe that ultimately it is the right thing to do for my sons, so that’s what I’m doing.

As much as I believe that what Acuitus is doing is important and worthwhile, and as much as I’ve enjoyed the experience of living and working in California, and as hard a transition as it will likely be, it’s time for me to move on by moving back. I am optimistic and energized about working with Dell, and I am delighted by the prospect of being able to spend more, and better, time with the boys. Against that I have to weigh the upheaval, expense, and hassle of moving, the sadness of leaving valued friends and coworkers behind, and the feeling of unfinished business that comes from leaving Acuitus in the midst of our VA school project.

On balance, though, I am more optimistic than not… as I said back in 2009, it takes work. I still believe that’s true, and I’m going to put in the work that’s required. We’ll see what happens…


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7 responses to “Transitions (or, “Dell, you’re getting a dude!”)

  1. Kimber

    We will miss you. They are all lucky to have you. I’m sure you’ll be a big success.

  2. Best of luck with the move Paul. You definitely are making the right choice. You can’t put a price on time with your children.

  3. You’ll be missed, Paul! I’m happy that you’ll be able to spend more time with your family, though. We’ll have to keep in touch!

  4. As someone who became a father 3 months before being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer I applaud your continued efforts to be the best father you can be. Nothing like spending a few months on a radiation table to put you in a frame of mind to excel with what time you have left. My daughter will be turning 7 next month and her sister will be 5 in November. I retired from my career in IT in 2008 to be a stay-at-home dad. In the last few years I have realized how lucky I have been to have spent so much time with my kids. Good luck to Paul and thanks for making my morning with this post.

  5. jonrwilk

    Easily the correct decision. Good luck with your future endeavors and enjoy being closer to your boys!!

  6. robichaux

    Thank you all very much for the words of support. They mean a great deal to me.

  7. Jeff Bean

    Tough choices are hard, even when you make them for the right reasons. Sticking to the right reasons makes all the difference, however. All the best, Paul.

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