Thursday trivia #91

  • I went from hale and hearty on Monday morning to throwing up and feeling miserable by dinnertime Monday evening. After two days of incarceration on my sofa, I can say a) I blame my commercial flight Saturday for getting me all germed up b) thank you, Instacart, for bringing me needed supplies so I didn’t have to go out in the rain and c) I am thankful for my general good health.
  • With the impending death of Google Reader, I’ve switched over to Newsblur. So far I am semi-impressed. It looks good, but it has had terrible performance and uptime problems, brought on by the onslaught of tens of thousands of new users. The iOS client is only OK, and the two Windows Phone clients I’ve found (Feed Me and Metroblur) are both slow and clunky. I hope to see NextGen Reader and Byline support Newsblur; if not I’ll be stuck with the web client, I guess… still, better than nothing.
  • I’m loving “The Americans,” although they’re showing signs of falling into the “Game of Thrones” trap of including too much gratuitous sex as a substitute for actual plot or character development.
  • My condolences to the families of the seven Marines killed in the mortar accident at Hawthorne Army Depot earlier this week. (And shame on Senator Harry Reid, the shameless one, for linking their deaths to budget cuts brought on by sequestration.)
  • It’s funny how Intuit always manages to jack up the cost of TurboTax about 3 weeks before the April 15th filing deadline. They’ll get their extra money this year, as I am in no way ready to file my taxes yet.
  • I’ve been accepted as a speaker for TechEd 2013– in both North America and Europe! I’m doing a talk on developing mobile applications with Exchange Web Services. Should be fun; I love New Orleans and haven’t ever been to Madrid.


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4 responses to “Thursday trivia #91

  1. Todd

    Checkout ‘Feedly’ as a Google Reader replacement. Seems pretty good so far and they have both a web clients and iOS/Android.

  2. robichaux

    Thanks, Todd– I’ll give that a look.

  3. Yeah, I’m with you on TurboTax. I’ve had it in my head that this weekend was *included* in the discount period, so I was putting a bit of pressure on myself to get up early tomorrow and get the peanut pushed on it. When I saw this morning, during a bit of staging, that the discount deadline was midnight tonight, then I immediately relaxed. ‘Cause I knew it wasn’t happening tonight.

    May be two more weeks now, actually.

  4. robichaux

    I’m in no hurry; I’ll send them a check on the 15th, file a 4868, and file later in the year once the sting of that check has worn off a bit.. or not.

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