Thursday trivia #86

  • The boys and I have really enjoyed the Huntsville Havoc games we’ve been to. Our next one will be next weekend– can’t decide if we should go see the Havoc beat Pensacola or the dreaded Louisiana Ice Gators.
  • The second chapter for Exchange 2013 Inside Out is well underway– this one is on Exchange ActiveSync and mobile device management. There’s a lot to say on that topic.
  • Sadly I haven’t had time to fly since my cross-country with Matthew to Nashville a couple of weeks ago. I hope to remedy that really soon, at which point I’ll have some more aviation stuff to write about.

Bonus: if you didn’t see Wreck-It Ralph in theaters: a) you missed out and b) you probably haven’t seen the animated short that preceded it. In that case you are missing a real treat, and Disney was kind enough to post the full version on YouTube. Take a few minutes and watch it; you’ll be glad you did.

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  1. Me.

    I loved Wreck It Ralph. Such a sweet movie. The last line was the best. And that short was awesome too!

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