Thursday trivia #76

A special search-query edition of Thursday Trivia! Here are some of the search terms people have used to get to my blog over the last couple of months:

  • how is reading used if you’re a marine: probably not often enough.
  • fried fish harmful: for the fish, yes, it certainly is.
  • what about airwork: as for me, I highly recommend it.
  • s tripit pro worth it: yes, 100%. I also just signed up for CLEAR (thanks to a 4-month trial offer from Living Social for $18) and will report back on how well it works.
  • stupid allergy warnings: now you’re talking; I am definitely allergic to stupid too and sometimes I wish there were warnings, like the pollen forecasts that the Weather Channel does.
  • everyday carry pouch: hello, Mr. Kangaroo.

The top five search terms that have brought people here since I moved to WordPress: “conversation action settings”, “paul robichaux”, “autodiscover.xml”, “outlook auto discover”, and “the last psychiatrist.” Guess I know what I should be writing about more.

Tomorrow’s post will be titled “how Paul Robichaux used autodiscover.xml to find the last psychiatrist’s conversation action settings folder.”

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