Thursday trivia #75

  • There are so many reasons to love Pat Conroy. Here’s the latest: this pungent letter to a school board that wanted to ban two of his books. 
  • Absolutely fascinating legal question: if I fly a drone over your house, is it trespassing? There’s no good answer to this yet, but I bet we will see case law on this before Tom graduates from high school– and it wouldn’t surprise me if the first cases were heard in California. If I were a paparazzo, I’d totally want to get some drones overhead celebrity homes.
  • Microsoft has long been pointing out a weakness in Google Apps: you never know when Google will change things. They don’t share their feature roadmap, so what you get today may not be what you get tomorrow. Folks who use the OpenOffice document formats recently (re)learned that lesson when Google abruptly removed support for those file formats.
  • Speaking of web services: I am stoked about the Exchange 2013 version of Outlook Web App. Check out these screenshots and you’ll see why.
  • Grapes are diamagnetic, meaning you can repel a grape WITH A MAGNET. Science, people.
  • I’m more than a little jealous of Jeff Guillet’s supercar tour.
  • Closing in on my checkride– I need 1 more night landing, 1.6 hours of hood time, and then it’s checkride city!

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