Thursday trivia #66

  • I always thought of nutria as being primarily a Louisiana problem, but it turns out they’re elsewhere– including the Delmarva Peninsula. Even the New York Times says so.
  • Batman tonight! David and I are headed to see all 3 movies, back to back. (Don’t tell anyone but I may take a nap toward the middle of Batman Begins.)
  • This is a really interesting article about the design process behind how Microsoft supports touch in Office 2013, but I agree with what Gruber said: users don’t care about design, they care about efficacy.
  • So AT&T now has a shared data plan… that would actually cost me more than what I pay now for the same amount of data on the same devices: 10GB on 3 smartphones and 1 dumb phone (that currently has no data) would cost me $240, a $35 increase. Thanks, guys, but no thanks.
  • Tony weighs in on the multi-mailbox search licensing changes. I hope Microsoft takes the opportunity in Exchange 2013 to fix all of the scripts that count ECALS, etc., including the one that gathers data for the organizational health summary. Still no word, of course, on Exchange 2013 licensing. Experience suggests that license terms and requirements will be one of the very last things Microsoft discloses.
  • How to sell an airplane. First, of course, you have to buy one.
  • The McLaren dealership was every bit what I hoped it would be, at least as far as cars are concerned. What beauties.
  • Oshkosh is next week, but I can’t go. I have high hopes for next year though.

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