Thursday trivia #63

  • From the department of giant robots: an industrial robot with an industrial laser. I know what I want for Christmas.
  • They don’t make ’em like these guys anymore: Watson’s Whizzers.
  • Knolling: something I’d like to do with my toolbox. I wouldn’t dare attempt it with my desks at work or home.
  • This interactive chart of the top 10 causes of death in the US from 1900-2010 is absolutely engrossing. The killers of yore– tuberculosis, influenza, “gastrointestinal infections”– have been supplanted by heart disease, cancer, and airway diseases.
  • What I hope everyone who reads this blog understands: the military has people whose job it is to plan for every imaginable contingency, from Plan Orange to Plan Red to Iraq. So this article shouldn’t surprise you too much. Don’t take the fact that we have contingency plans for attacking Iran as evidence that anyone in the military wants to do so, or thinks it’s a good idea.

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