Thursday trivia #61

  • I’m a robot guy– I am fascinated by industrial robots, but it hadn’t occurred to me to use them for photography and videography. Luckily there are other, more imaginative, people out there. This video is stunning– watch it in HD.
  • Did you know the Chinese were thinking about building a manned space station? Yep. (For another time: this ties in neatly with the premise of James Fallows’ China Airborne, which is on my reading list.) Why would they do this? The Union of Concerned Scientists explains. (The full report is much more interesting than the summary.)
  • I am not much interested in History-with-a-capital-H, but I do love the unveiling of a good story through diligent research into primary sources. Here’s a great example: an exploration of secrecy and leaks in the IVY MIKE H-bomb test. This discussion is, of course, applicable to the recent flapping about the (probably unlawful and certainly ill-advised) series of leaks from the White House about US intelligence and military programs, sources, and procedures.
  • Oh, Apple. After doing such a good job of staving off device fragmentation, now you’re introducing it in spades with iOS 6. Many of the new features won’t work on older devices, including some that don’t seem to have any technical requirements that should prevent them from working. I’m not going to upgrade to a new phone just to get turn-by-turn maps, etc, though.

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