A busy weekend: Strikeforce, Maker Faire

Saturday I worked a bunch, then went for my first solo flight here in the Bay Area (flight journal here). Saturday night I went to the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix. Sunday I went to the Maker Faire and then took a flight on a B-17.. now I feel like I need a nap.

So, let’s start with the fight. Strikeforce is the little brother of the MMA world, trailing UFC in both attendance and influence. Many of its successful fighters have gone on to compete in UFC; not a few UFC fighters have stepped back down to Strikeforce, sort of like a baseball player might spend some time in the minors before returning to the show. We had great seats and got there about 10 minutes before the fights started– just long enough to grab an H-P Pavilion hot dog. (Note to self: skip the hot dog next time.)

Floor seats FTWfloor seats: 13 rows back, not too shabby. Not shown: enormous overhead video screen.

There were a total of four fights scheduled. The first two were both over very quickly: one by knockout, one by submission. The third fight is when things started getting interesting; it pitted Josh Thomson against Gilbert Melendez. Both fighters are from the Bay Area, but the crowd was clearly favoring Melendez. However, a funny thing happened as the fight progressed: Thomson seemed to be winning. He was connecting with Melendez better, to the point where Melendez’s face was showing a lot of wear and tear. Melendez was also clearly not in the same physical condition as Thomson. However, at the end of the fight, the judges gave a 2-1 split decision to Melendez– and I say “gave” because that’s sure what it looked like. Booing ensued. In a classy move, though, when Thomson was interviewed ringside the first thing he said was basically “don’t boo Gilbert; it was a good fight and he’s a good fighter.” Very classy. (See the official summary here.)

The main event was Josh Barnett, a former professional wrestler,  versus Daniel Cormier, a former Olympian. As soon as I saw that Cormier is from Lafayette, I knew who to root for. The fight started fairly slowly. Both of the fighters were above their ideal fighting weight by at least 20 lbs; there was a lot of flailing and bouncing flab but about the middle of the second round, Cormier started landing more punches. His advantage increased to the point that by the end of the fourth round he was clearly trying not to lose, no longer pressing to put Barnett out (though Barnett very nearly got him in a leg lock.) Cormier won a unanimous decision, as he should have; he clearly outfought and outpointed Barnett. (See official summary here.)

 Now, about the Maker Faire: I guess the most appropriate adjective I can think of is “overstimulating.” Fire! Robots! Microcontrollers! Arts and crafts! Lots of people! I saw some very cool stuff; I also saw some things that made me think “well, all right, I guess some people are into that sort of thing.” I’m not particular artsy or creative so much of the artsy-creative stuff was wasted on me. However, I did take pictures of some excellent apparatuses of various kinds, to wit:


giant cardboard robot

clearly a case of truth in labeling: this guy is obviously a giant cardboard robot



this little girl ran right up to R2-D2 and gave him (it?) a huge hug, after which he started beeping and rolling around



 these are actually electric vehicles, but oh, so delicious…

DSC 0214

I couldn’t get close enough to get a picture of the LEGO Kermit the Frog holding a banjo that was off to the left, which is a real pity

DSC 0216

if I had a garden, I would have bought several of these guys. Maybe next year.

DSC 0218

realistic-looking replica weapons from Halo

DSC 0220

a Dalek you can ride in

DSC 0219

a bike you could ride, maybe



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7 responses to “A busy weekend: Strikeforce, Maker Faire

  1. Didn’t know you liked MMA! Are you going to watch UFC 146 next week? I ordered it on Xbox Live so my friend and I can root for Frank Mir.

  2. robichaux

    I’ll be in Huntsville next week, so the boys and I may go try to watch it someplace that shows fights. Hotel rooms and Xbox LIVE don’t work well together, sad to say. But UFC is coming here in July, when they’re out here, so maybe we’ll go see it live.

    • Actually, if you have an LTE phone with wifi hotspot, hotel rooms and Xbox Live can work just fine. Did that once while traveling for work — was video chatting and playing CoD with no problems by attaching the Xbox wireless to the mobile hotspot on my phone. 🙂

  3. robichaux

    No LTE in Huntsville just yet, more’s the pity (at least that’s what Gillies said; I haven’t tried it myself.)

  4. Chris Bloch

    I’m really glad that you went. I’d really like to check one out, I bet there were lots things printed with 3d printers!

  5. robichaux

    Chris, there was a ton of 3-D printing stuff. I’d love to buy one but am holding out for something like the Roland desktop CNC machines; I think that would be more useful for the kinds of projects I’m interested in. Julie’s husband has a MakerBot (I think; might be another brand) so I should probably talk to him.

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