Thursday trivia #51

  • Wow. Weather is absolutely fascinating. I’ve been reading the FAA’s Aviation Weather, which is somewhat dry but nonetheless captivating. If you’ve ever wondered why a particular weather phenomenon happens (say, fog), this book will explain it.
  • February is shaping up to be a good month for movies: Re:Generation on the 16th and Act of Valor on the 24th. (Oh, and in between: Mardi Gras! In Houma! WIth my sons and family!)
  • Note to Tim: expect a codicil to my will specifying a donation to Georgia Tech. Why? So I can have a bathroom named after me, of course!
  • The captions just write themselves.
  • This account of a home energy audit makes for interesting reading. I would totally do this if I still owned a house.
  • I haven’t run in over a week and I need to get back to it. Maybe tonight.


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