Thursday trivia #44

Welcome to week 10 of my extended visit to Pensacola! Presented for your consideration:

  • This excellent article summarizes what happened to Air France flight 447. My only quibble is that the author doesn’t explain what it means to be in “climb” or “TOGA” very well. Both of those refer to thrust lever positions– marked by detents in the thrust levers– that you can select. When you select TOGA, you’re commanding full power from the engine; when you select “climb”, you’re enabling the auto-throttle (which you can then manually enable or disable). From what I understand about the A320/A330/A340 series, one of the checklist items you’d want to verify in a situation like that of AF447 is that the thrust levers are in the “climb” detent and and that auto-throttles are enabled.
  • Newt Gingrich? Really?
  • “Knowledge which is acquired under compulsion obtains no hold on the mind.” — Plato
  • The same personality traits that make someone a good pilot may also make them more prone to struggle with depression.
  • I hope this guy isn’t right; I’d hate to see big-deck carriers go away given how important they are to our national defense.
  • Yet another security flaw confirms why I don’t use or recommend Android devices.

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One response to “Thursday trivia #44

  1. Paul,
    Nice review of your firearms training, but I don’t remember telling any war stories. I purposely joined the Navy to avoid having those!
    Capt Ron

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