Thursday trivia #43

  • The heads (that’s toilets for all you landlubbers) aboard the USS George H.W. Bush are apparently malfunctioning. The jokes write themselves. (Bonus: it’s different on submarines.)
  • Your Latin phrase of the week: res nullius, meaning literally “no man’s property.” Examples include wild animals, driftwood on the beach, and abandoned property. See also: finders keepers. At first I thought it was a declaration, e.g. “I am my own man”, but it actually means a thing that can be claimed by anyone.
  • I don’t particularly like being awake at 0300 after previously being asleep.
  • Here in Pensacola there’s actual weather: the temperature changes from day to day, there are varying levels of overcast, and sometimes it rains. This is a bit of a change from the Bay Area.
  • This documentary (subtitled “Flight of the Frenchies”) is visually stunning, and well worth the $6 to download and watch in HD. It almost makes me want to go skylining… almost, but not quite.
  • Even though I don’t always understand all the chemistry vocabulary, the “things I won’t work with” series over at In the Pipeline is fun reading. Here’s an example: hexanitrohexaazaisowurtzitane.
  • Is it Angry Birds? Is it science? It’s both: physics of the yellow Angry Bird.

Off to have more cough medicine and, hopefully, a nap before work.

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