Thursday trivia #41

I’ve been in Pensacola working at the US Navy’s IT A-school. Short summary: you should be very proud of the dedication and work ethic of the members of your Navy. Now I’m in Greenwich teaching the final Exchange Maestro event for 2011, thence to Mountain View for a night in my own bed, then to Vegas for the Exchange Connections show and then, finally, back to Pensacola.

With all this teaching and travel going on, my blogging of late has been limited; without further ado, this week’s trivia edition:

  • No one seems to know what the actual average mailbox size is for Exchange mailboxes. In fact, most organizations don’t seem to know what their own averages are, much less what the industry-wide average is.
  • Steve Yegge is the kind of guy I’d like to work with.
  • Really, New York Times? An article on how to be hip and Mormon on the front page of your Thursday style section? Who exactly do you think the audience is for this? I’m guessing that the overlap between would-be Mormon hipsters and NYT readers is probably pretty small.
  • This year’s Marine Corps birthday message.
  • Hopefully this year I’ll make it to the MVP Summit. Well, next year, I mean.
  • The more I run, the better I like running. I’m sure there’s a metaphor in there somewhere.

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