Thursday trivia #39

Wow.. long time, no post. I’m getting ready to embark on a large project down in the home of Naval Aviation and that, along with visiting the boys every other weekend and trying to finish my pilot’s license, has kept me super busy. Without further delay, here’s this installment of Thursday trivia.

  • I can’t overstate how many birds there are in and around the Palo Alto airport. Tons of geese and huge clouds of gulls make the already-challenging process of navigating the traffic pattern for takeoffs and landings even more tricky. However, I stand by my belief that if I can fly safely in the congested, controlled, bird-filled skies here in the Bay Area that everywhere else will seem easy by comparison.
  • As much as I like the U-Verse feature set, the picture quality here in Mountain View is pretty poor on some channels. It’s impossible to tell if this is because the source material is poor or because U-Verse is stepping on it, but it’s definitely a downer. For example, “The Simpsons” on Fox looks good, but older episodes on the local CW affiliate are terrible. Most sports channels are medium- to poor-quality. Even Showtime isn’t great. Makes me miss Buckeye.
  • I’ve really enjoyed using Spotify to check out new music, in large part because so much of it is awful and I can quickly find that out for free. And, of course, C89.5 is a regular part of my listening routine.
  • Fleet Week is almost upon us again. Last year was great; I hope I’m in town for this year’s edition.
  • Windows 8 looks really slick, but I’m probably more excited about the improvements in the server edition. 2300+ PowerShell cmdlets? Yes, please!
  • Too many projects, not enough time…

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