Thursday trivia #37

  • From the “I get e-mail” department:

    Good Afternoon Paul-

    GIS technology is playing an important role to help improve the wine industry by taking the guesswork out of where to plant vineyards for peak production.

    The wine industry’s reliance of GIS technology has increased the need for GIS professionals. A typical vineyard worker or winemaker often has three to 20 actual jobs, one of which may be executing GIS tasks.

    As more organizations around the world use geographic information systems, earning a bachelor’s degree online in GIS will prepare students to enter and/or move up in this rapidly growing field.

    American Sentinel University’s accredited associate and bachelor’s online degrees in GIS are designed to position students for success in this important field.

  • Apparently squirrels cause 17% of the damage to fiber-optic cables nationwide.
  • Looks like LinkedIn is raiding its users’ privacy too, just like Facebook. Here’s how to turn the feature off.
  • It’s been 9 months since the Lync 2010 launch. Microsoft has still not released any public details about their Lync clients for iOS (although I understand that select customers are being briefed under NDA). This is ridiculous, as third parties are starting to release their own clients.
  • Tony has a good summary of the preparation for our final (for now) Exchange Maestro workshop.
  • Not a surprise: “The kind of risk-seeking behavior that motivates certain people to fly personal aircraft may also make them effective corporate leaders, according to a new study co-authored by professors from the University of Notre Dame and the University of Oregon.”

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  1. Phil Fraering

    I thought that, done right, civil aviation was supposed to be an exercise in risk avoidance and mitigation.

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