Thursday trivia #36

  • I’m really identifying with Walter White during the first part of Breaking Bad‘s third season. Well, except for the part about cooking meth, that is.
  • It’s kind of amazing how many in-cockpit technologies pilots now have access to. 15 years ago, you could only get in-cockpit weather if your airplane was big enough to accomodate an (expensive) radar. Now we have
    terrain and traffic avoidance, satellite weather, GPS, synthetic vision.. all packaged in beautiful glass. it’s a great time to be a pilot. (Oh, and this.)
  • This is an eye-opening reminder of one of the benefits we enjoy here in the US– not everyone has the luxury of sprawl.
  • Think you have a good vocabulary? Prove it. (The results are fascinating.)
  • Remember the International Earth Rotation Service? They’re baaaaaack.
  • I’m a bit disappointed in this year’s Year’s Best Science Fiction. Perhaps the second half will be better than the first.

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