Welcome to WordPress!

I couldn’t take it another minute– my old MoveableType blog was full of bugs, misfeatures, and poor implementation choices. I decided to start over with WordPress, so here I am!


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5 responses to “Welcome to WordPress!

  1. It’d be nice if you had an RSS link that was easy to find. I’m sure it’s just gotten lost in the shuffle of moving blogs! 🙂

    • robichaux

      Thanks, Nadyne, for the suggestion. I’ve added RSS links to the sidebar, where they should have been in the first place.

  2. Good deal! Blogroll link updated.

    I love WordPress. I’m a little surprised you went the wordpress.com route instead of installing the software on your own space, though.

    • robichaux

      I thought about doing that, Bo. I have two Unix guys with beards from whom I rent hosting space, so I could have done a self-install. However, that’s more trouble than I think it’s worth. I don’t want to be in the blog admin business any longer, so I decided to outsource that whole mess of problems. We’ll see how that works.

  3. Tim

    Good move!

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