Thursday trivia #23

  • Good thing we don’t have any combat troops in Iraq. Tom Ricks reports: “Five gunmen attacked an American military convoy south of Baghdad. The troops were not ‘combat troops,’ so they used return fire to advisethe attackers to die.”
  • All week long we’ve been suffering through some kind of renovations on our building. BANG thump BANG BANG squeeeeeeeaaallllll SCREECH THUMP. It’s noisier than anything I ever had to endure while working at home… oh, listen, someone just started a Sawzall!
  • Top 5 parental fears: kidnapping, snipers, terrorists, dangerous strangers, and drugs. Top 5 actual causes of death for children: car accidents, homicide by someone known to the child, abuse, suicide, and drowning.
  • Sad news: you can’t even trust your pants.
  • I really like these minimalist cell phones. I was all excited about buying one for Mom, but it’s not clear that they’re FCC-approved for use here.
  • WHO DAT! I can’t wait for the Vikings-Saints game tonight.
  • Expect some Exchange-related articles to start appearing here soon. I am finally clearing (most of) my backlog.

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