Thursday trivia #21

Long week! Arlene’s out of town so I have been playing single dad all week; last week I was teaching in Pensacola and didn’t have five minutes to throw an update together at all.

  • David seems to have more summer English homework than I remember having. Back in the day, I had to read several books but I don’t remember getting ancillary assignments like he has.
  • The boys and I went to see Rush on Monday night at Shoreline. It was a terrific show. Expect a full(er) review later.
  • Our Scoutmaster and his family just came back from climbing Mt Kilimanjaro, but not like these men did it. Well done.
  • These sound like a lot of oil bidness people I heard about in Louisiana during the 70s and 80s. I laughed and laughed.
  • I thought about subscribing to the Marine Corps Times, but for $70/year? No thanks.
  • Somewhere in my garage is a set of new rotors and pads for my car. It’s about to the point where I’ll have to dig them out and get busy.
  • I had a delicious biscuit at Copeland’s while watching my Uncle Ray perform with his band. They put on a great show— I don’t think I’d ever seen them perform before. Suddenly, though, seeing that movie makes me wish I had a biscuit right now. It must be getting on towards lunchtime or something.


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4 responses to “Thursday trivia #21

  1. Shane Mascal

    Hi Tony,
    I understand that you and Tony will conduct 2 “Mastering Exchange 2010” training sessions in October.
    My company is currently working with Exchange 2003, and we are going to impliment Exchange 2010. Currenty the physical server is on its last leg. And we are drastically running out of space, due to bad size policies and basically bad management (I have only been there for 4 months). Therefore we plan to impliment exchange 2010 in the next month.
    I would really love to attend your training, but I fear that by the time of your training we would have already implimented exchange 2010 (or would be in the advanced stages) .
    Are any of you having a similar a training session in September or you know of a reputable training instutuion?

  2. Shane, I think the training will be valuable even for people who have already implemented Exchange 2010. Tony and I are fortunate that we can cherry-pick the most interesting, most challenging topics from the huge breadth of features and issues around Exchange 2010. If you come to the training, you won’t be disappointed, even if you’ve already done the initial work of deploying 2010!

  3. Shane Mascal

    Paul, I am pleased to say that I registered for this course last Friday and I am really really looking foward to it.
    We have submitted the Exchange 2010 business case to management but hopefully they wont make a decision until I have completed this training course. As the knowledged gained should help me alleviate come of the kinks I might face during the implimentation.

  4. That’s great news, Shane– thanks for registering. I will look forward to meeting you there, and I am confident that we’ll be able to help you justify the move to Exchange 2010 in spades.