Thursday trivia #10

Wooo! Double digits at last!

  • This week’s edition of “jobs I’m glad I don’t have”: this.
  • Sunday is the laser’s 50th birthday. I was thinking about throwing a party, but it turns out that there’s alredy a year-long LaserFest. There are even some laser-themed parties conferences like this.
  • A couple of weeks ago I made fun of the snow in Vermont. This week I’m making fun of the snow in Colorado, through which my magazine editors are currently suffering. I will be laughing out loud when I’m at the beach on Saturday.
  • I am really impressed with OOO Gameprom‘s Pinball HD for the iPad. It’s the most fun I’ve had for $3 in a long while.
  • Miller-McCune has a terrific web site. “Who?” you ask. My reaction exactly. I’d never heard of them until I stumbled across a mention on the Knight Science Journalism Tracker, which I read faithfully. If you like The Atlantic you’ll like Miller-McCune. For a sample, check out this article on invasive weeds and the iPhone.

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  1. Julie is hooked on Pinball HD. She plays it every night while I read. AWESOME $3!