Thursday trivia #6


  • So far, I’ve only gotten two questions using This is probably a good thing.
  • If I had put the iPhone 4.0 developer build on my iPhone, I might be torn between two emotions: pleasure at the improvements and abject horror at the abyssal drop in battery life.
  • I think I may tackle getting my Certified Ethical Hacker certification. It sounds like fun.
  • Today’s net weight: down 4 lbs, to 201.2. Yay me.
  • This morning on NPR I heard the tail end of this story. One lobbyist said “During the day, who watches TV? Well, now I do! Seriously, I’ve watched more Ellen DeGeneres in the last month on these devices.” So: good reason not to get one.
  • Our taxes are paid. I expect the sore feeling to go away in October or so. I support the idea of doing away with withholding so that the amount of taxes we actually pay becomes more visible. That would do more to change people’s opinion of what the US government should and shouldn’t do than practically anything else.

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