Wrapping up my bachelor week

Last Saturday was my 41st birthday. Thanks to all who shared birthday wishes with me– I appreciate the positive energy! I got some great gifts from my family, including COD:MW2, which I didn’t even open until I finished Stephen King’s latest book (Under the Dome). My mom sent me a copy of David McCandless‘ spectacular The Visual Miscellaneum, which I’ve been very much enjoying. Some unknown benefactor also sent me a Cop Tool
, which I’d had on my Amazon wish list.

On Monday, I was in Redmond teaching the MCM unified messaging class– always a fun gig. I’ve clearly lost a lot of my good travel habits, as I forgot both my laptop charger and my iPhone charge/sync cable. I got to have lunch with Tim, though, so that was a big plus. The best part: it was a very short trip, with only one night away from home.

Tuesday Arlene left for her “New Moon” sabbatical, so the boys and I have been baching it since. Tuesday night there was a youth activity at church, and Tom had campout prep time with his Scout troop, so Matt came to the activity with me. Wednesday Matt and I went to his Cub Scout pack meeting, and Thursday David and I had a home teaching appointment. I’d like to say that we had nutritious home-cooked meals, but… well, not so much. Enough said about that.

Yesterday Tom and Dave had a Scout campout at New Brighton State Beach, so Matt and I played some Lego Star Wars, had a delicious meal at the local Red Robin, and watched UP. (Interestingly, Disney’s making a rental version of the disc– it had more commercials, no special features, and no way to skip to the menu.)

This morning I slept in until 0820 (luxury!), then Matt and I watched Ohio State beat Michigan, did some laundry, and waited for the electrician to come. Shortly we’ll go pick up the boys from their campout, then it’s off to the Scout Store for some uniform items. I don’t know what we’ll do for dinner, but it’ll be something simple.

I’m certainly looking forward to tomorrow for two reasons. First, my wonderful wife is coming back. Second, it’s a Sunday, which means a slower-paced Sabbath day to help recover from the hectic week. Peace out.


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2 responses to “Wrapping up my bachelor week

  1. Tim

    Julie and I sent you the cop tool. I forgot to do the giftwrap and card!

  2. Thanks! I appreciate your thoughtfulness.