Seminary Feud

Neat-o e-mail I just got:

Hello from Cody, Wyoming!

I am a seminary teacher trying to create a Seminary Feud game (similar to Family Feud on tv). Remember how the contestants try to guess the most popular responses? Well I need as many responses as possible to make this fun. I won’t use or keep any names; I’ll just tally the responses. Please fill out the attached survey and e-mail it back to me at, and then if you have a few extra minutes, would you PLEASE forward this message to as many of your LDS friends/relatives as possible? I would love to tell the students I have responses from all over the country!

Here’s the clincher: I need this by FRIDAY, October 30th, so I can be ready for next week. We just finished studying the Isaiah chapters in 2 Nephi—these kids deserve a party! Please note somewhere on your survey if you’d like me to e-mail you a copy of the survey answers and numbers when I’m done. Thanks for your help!

Sister Noma Walton,


Please answer the following questions very quickly, writing the first answer that comes to mind.

Name a book from the Book of Mormon:
Name a Book of Mormon prophet:
A wicked person in the Book of Mormon:
A group of people in the Book of Mormon:
A time when Nephi’s life was threatened:
One of the 11 witnesses to the Book of Mormon:
A Book of Mormon hero:
One of the 10 commandments:
One of Christ’s original 12 apostles:
A weapon used in the Book of Mormon:
Something in the Tree of Life Dream:
Popular Primary song:
Most popular hymn from Hymn Book:
A book from the Old Testament:
A prophet in the New Testament:
The most well-known Old Testament story:
The hardest commandment for teens to obey:
A good Sabbath day activity:
Habits that break the Word of Wisdom:
A modern-day apostle, still living:

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  1. This is so totally not where I thought this post was going from the title. I figured we were about to get treated to an epic tale of East Coast vs. West Coast seminary battles!