Bryan & Katie’s wedding

Right now I’m on a Southwest flight from PDX back to SJC after a great trip to see Bryan and Katie’s wedding. Bryan, of course, is better known as Dr. Bryan J. Rice, high muckety-muck of X-ray lithography for SEMATECH, and, not incidentally, one of my oldest friends. I’ve known him since my senior year in high school, when we had the good fortune to have the same physics class/ We spent countless hours together working on cars, studying at college (he got his bachelor’s in computer science and a masters’ in physics in the same amount of time it took me to get a bachelor’s alone!), and generally palling around.

David and I left San Jose Friday evening and flew into PDX, where we picked up our rental and headed for the Hotel B. The bride’s sister had recommended it; its primary virtues were its low rate ($40/night on Priceline, although they’re exaggerating if they think it’s a three-star property) and its proximity to Bryan’s house, where the wedding was to be held. Overall it was nothing special: the rooms were adequately clean and reasonably well-maintained, except for the incredibly squeaky floors. On the other hand it’s right across the street from the Hillsboro airport, which just happens to have a large contingent of helicopters that fly pretty much all day. For most people that would be an unwelcome nuisance but for us it was a bonus.

First thing Saturday morning we headed over to Pine State Biscuits. Summary: A++++ would eat again. In fact, if I lived in Seattle, i”d drive to Portland just to eat there. In fact I”m considering planning a trip up from Morgan HIll to eat there. Turns out they were recently on the Food Network, and i can see why. Large portions, delicious biscuits, and the best stewed apples– tender without being mushy, and not sickly-sweet– I’ve ever had. (Plus the waitress pictured here kept calling David “darling” and batting her eyes at him.) After being thus filled, we headed over to Powell’s, another reason why i feel like a future visit to Portland is in order. What a fantastic place! David and I each got a few books. I would happily have bought more, save that I lack time to read them all (I did get the 2009 edition of “The Best American Science Writing“, the 2007 version of which I thoroughly enjoyed). I figure I can squeeze that in.

Then, the wedding. Bryan really put on the dog for this event; his backyard was groomed and manicured within an inch of its life, and it was absolutely perfect for the ceremony. The weather, which had been yucky-but-typical in the morning, improved markedly, with clear skies, a light breeze, and plenty of sunshine. I took video of the entire ceremony, but haven’t had a chance to edit it yet. In the meantime, here are some pictures to tide you over. We had a lovely dinner and got to meet a few of Bryan’s co-workers from Intel, as well as seeing some familiar faces from his family. I’m really glad we were able to attend, even though I’m sorry Arlene had to miss it. (but I get to see her and the boys this week! yay!!)

Today was quiet; we found the Brookwood Ward in Hillsboro and went to Sacrament meeting, hit Pine State again (figuring, correctly, that eating there would cover us for both breakfast and lunch), and went back to the hotel to get David’s forgotten retainer. At that point, we decided it would be more fun to take the Portland MAX light rail to the airport, so I returned our car at the airport (remember, it’s right across the street!) and we trained it back to PDX. Tonight for dinner it’s pasta-in-a-bag, followed by the last part of “Torchwood: Children of Earth,” then up and at ’em tomorrow.

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