TechEd, day 1

Monday was my first full day of TechEd. It was pretty uneventful; I worked a shift in the Technical Learning Center at the “Anywhere Access” booth, along with Microsoft’s Adam Glick. We got quite a few questions about general Exchange 2010 features, but not that many that were specific to the booth area. (This pattern would prove to repeat itself over the next few days). After my booth shift was over, I attended some MVP deep-dive technical sessions that Robin Martin-Emerson, our MVP lead, had arranged with the product team. The most interesting one to me was the one that covered the detailed process of moving from on-premises Exchange to the Exchange Online service. I’ll have more to say about that in a future post.

After the MVP sessions ended, I went back to the hotel and did some preparation work for my sessions, and went to an MVP dinner with Rajesh Jha (Microsoft’s corporate VP in charge of Exchange) and a number of members of his team. Dinner was good (the Palm is supposedly famous as a celebrity hangout), but the conversation was better– we had a number of spirited conversations about topics as diverse as mixed martial arts, baseball, and LA traffic. All in all, a pretty good day; the cab ride home (six MVPs, one cab) was a great finish.

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