Meeting forward notifications in Exchange 2007

Exchange 2007 has a nifty feature that can nonetheless be annoying: it generates tattle-tale messages that tell you when someone forwards a meeting notification. Say that Alice schedules a meeting with Bob, and Bob forwards the invite to Carol. When Exchange sees the forward, it generates a notification in Alice’s Inbox. (Or, in this case, Paul schedules a meeting with Anup, who forwards it to James).

VMware FusionScreenSnapz001.png One problem with this feature: you can’t turn it off! I’m not sure why the Exchange team designed things this way, but they did. However, there are two mitigations.

You can prevent Exchange from sending the messages to external domains with the set-remoteDomain cmdlet (Set-RemoteDomain -MeetingForwardNotificationEnabled $false will do the trick). This allows you to avoid spamming your correspondents with notifications when you forward a meeting invite internally.

You can also force Exchange to automatically move a user’s meeting forward notifications to her Deleted Items folder with Set-MailboxCalendarSettings -RemoveForwardedMeetingNotifications $true. If this switch were enabled on my account, when Anup forwards my invite to James, I wouldn’t see the forward notification.

(Note: I haven’t checked to see what changes, if any, Exchange 2010 makes to this area. More info once I’ve had a chance to do some digging.)


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2 responses to “Meeting forward notifications in Exchange 2007

  1. Jeff Beckham

    Another solution would be Hub Transport rules. We added one to catch anything that says “Meeting Forward Notificatoin” and drop it. This can work for inside or outside the organization.

  2. csckhor

    My boss complain about this as well .. have change the calendar setting under delegates to send to my delegates only seem like solve this issue.