Following up on training investment

I got some great feedback via e-mail from my previous post about the value of Microsoft’s MCM training. Shortly after I posted, Devin wrote a long and detailed post on the actual economics of getting an MCM: what it costs vs what you can potentially earn. In conjunction with his argument, I wanted to point out that the OCS MCM class is now on sale for its next two rotations: R2 (April 27-May 16) has a 50% “public beta” discount, and R3 (June 8-27) has a 30% discount. If only I had time to go!


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2 responses to “Following up on training investment

  1. Tim

    Maybe if I mug a few little old ladies I could go to the OCS rotation!

  2. Check the futons in the break room– maybe you’ll find enough spare change in there.