Two warranties: American Standard and Microsoft

About two years ago, I bought Arlene an American Standard Champion toilet for Valentine’s Day. Not too long after, I added another one in the hall bathroom downstairs. Over time, they both developed odd flushing behavior caused by the design of their flush system. It uses what they call a Flush Tower; it’s basically a concentric pair of cylinders where the flush lever lifts the inner cylinder, which in turn lifts the outer cylinder and dumps water through the trapway.

One toilet has decided to just make a loud “clunk” when you flush it. That’s caused by the inner cylinder dropping down prematurely instead of engaging and lifting the outer cylinder. The other one flushes, but the outer cylinder drops too soon, so it only releases about half as much water as it should.

I called American Standard’s customer service department and spoke to a very pleasant lady who agreed that the toilets were still under warranty (with a 10-year warranty I should hope so!) She told me that the Flush Tower had been redesigned and that they’d be happy to send me two new ones via FedEx. That’s the kind of customer service I like (though I’m not looking forward to pulling the tanks from both toilets to replace the towers).

In other, and completely unrelated, news, about six weeks ago. the living room Xbox 360 died with a RROD. I used the Xbox web site to get a repair case opened and sent it off; it came back about two weeks later. In the meantime, I moved the basement 360 to the living room, then we started remodeling the basement, then we went out of town… and so on. Bottom line: I plugged the newly repaired 360 in last night and it immediately failed again. Now I have to send it back, wait for them to fix it, and reinstall it. If only there were a cross-ship option. Or, if only the frigging things wouldn’t fail so often in the first place. There, I said it. Now I feel better.

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