Vegetables shrink your brain

From the “I knew it” department: eating vegetables makes your brain shrink.


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2 responses to “Vegetables shrink your brain

  1. melanie

    are you sure? because brussel sprouts are the best brain food. i am sure a balanced diet with meat is the best diet. but fast food and pasta dishes cant be to good on your arteries. either the person is smart or just your average jo. look it we need veggies for other vitals but i think lean meat is better then sausage links and salty jerkies. damned if you do and damned if you dont. i think its just a matter of personal choice. i eat more veggies then fruit or meat or dairy. but i eat it all i believe i am not a balanced eater though.

  2. melanie

    i heard about this on the radio and caught the part where veggies shrink your brain. (on my way to work) so all day i was in a panic. i didn’t order my usual salad for lunch i like to eat light before heading back to work and a little upset about it. but i think its just the lack of v-b12 not the veggies that shrink your brain. this study is very misleadig and should have the piss sued out of them by people like me who are not vegitarians but consume many veggies on a weekly basis. so what is it the veggies or the lack of b12 that causes the shrinkage? and can a person just take a supplement instead of eating meat or dairy? GEEZ, the study may have frightned a lot more people then you know and the study should concentrate more on the lack of meat people eat instead of veggies shrink the brain.