Key Bank, you’re gonna get it

I am so mad right now I could just spit. Key Bank has been slow-rolling me at every turn as I attempt to get them to pay off on one of Dad’s insurance policies. The latest: I asked them to fax a piece of information to the insurance company. After multiple requests, they finally sent in the necessary form… and left most of it blank. Naturally, the insurance company was not amused, and now I’m essentially back to square 2.

My immediate urge is to write a paint-scorching letter to several of these folks. However, I’m going to give them another two business days to get all their socks in the same basket. If they haven’t squared things away by then, it’s hammer time.

Update 8/25: a supervisor at Key was able to get the documentation problems solved, although it took longer than it should have. I’m debating whether to drop a dime on the incompetent, slow, and generally unfriendly person I had to deal with. On one hand, everyone has periods where they’re less effective than usual, so maybe she was just having a bad day. On the other hand, it’s amazing how a crisp letter can help snap people out of those kind of bad days.

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  1. Jessica Derkis

    Hi Paul. We often think of your Dad here at Dillin Corp. Larry wrote the following reminder to our team this morning:
    Sadly, today marks the first anniversary of the passing of my dear friend and our valued colleague, Dave Robichaux. Like many of you I think of Dave often, challenging myself to think, “What would Dave do?” when confronted with the many burdensome issues we face these days. Dave was an indomitable spirit – a full of life, hard-charging, take no prisoners type of guy. I sorely miss his influence and counsel.
    Dave would have beamed with pride yesterday at our hotel ribbon cutting. He’d smile with satisfaction at the way the clock tower, chess board, fire pit and amphitheater turned out. Can you imagine the glory he’d have felt in the opening of Fat Fish Blue? He’d have a reserved front row seat by now.
    Please take a moment today to reflect on Dave’s contributions and think about his family. And think about what he’d do now. Thanks.
    —-And we do. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, your Mom and those rambunctious boys!