Too busy to blog

Wow, I’ve been busy the last week or two! It started with a trip to Redmond to teach a group of Microsoft’s global ISVs about the APIs of Microsoft’s unified communications products. I got a lot of great real-world feedback about how these customers are using the APIs, which we’ll be using as we continue to work with other customers who want to add communications, collaboration, and scheduling to their applications. (Plus, while I was in Redmond I found Carolina Smoke, an unexpected bonus).

Then I came home, where Arlene and I completely redid the living room: we painted all the walls, hung the TV on a wall mount for the TV, and installed a new TV stand. Of course, none of the steps were actually that simple. For example, I’d read that Behr Silver Screen made a good projection surface, so I painted one wall with two coats… only to find out that it was not a good projection surface. Four coats of eggshell white later, I was ready to move on to the other walls. The carpet installers came yesterday, so we’re officially finished with that room (except for the speaker stands, which aren’t here yet).

Then the boys came back from their trip to Louisiana, so it was back to normal life for a day, then it was time for David’s Boy Scout camp. While he was gone, Peter, John, and Paul Flynn from 3Sharp came to town for our quarterly meeting; along with watching some truly excellent thunderstorms, we got a ton of work accomplished. It’s amazing what you can do with four smart guys locked in a room for two days.

Now we’re having a temporary lull before the big fireworks on the 3rd and our whale-watching trip to Seattle next week. I’ll try to blog somewhat more regularly, but no promises.

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