New iPhone development book

This is very cool: Erica Sadun, a fellow Georgia Tech graduate, has a new book coming out on iPhone development: She’s been very active in answering questions on the iPhone development mailing list, so I’m looking forward to seeing the book.

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  1. mary

    Hi, can you send me a copy of the manual for my bread machine, it is a Magic Chef, model#VBM200C-1(200), listed 6G55. I have lost mine, I haven’t used it in awhile, and I moved, and you know you loose things when you move. If you can’t that is fine, I just need the basic instructions of how to use it again.
    Thank you
    Posted by: Laura on November 8, 2004 09:44 AM
    Where can I get a copy of this manual- I have been looking, calling & writing every where. The bread maker was given to me over a year ago and I haven’t used it because I have no Idea how. It is used. Any help you can offer would be appreicated.