Missing Connections

I thought I’d posted on this Tuesday night, but apparently I didn’t. Anyway…
I’ve been speaking on Exchange and other topics professionally for about ten years. During that time, I’ve probably spoken at more than a hundred events, ranging from the small to the gargantuan, and I’ve only cancelled one. Tuesday afternoon, I made the really difficult decision to cancel another, my appearance at Connections. My wife has been ill for the last week or so, and I just wasn’t comfortable leaving her alone. She’s feeling somewhat better now, and three of my four sessions were covered by people who are even smarter than I am (thanks to Jim, Jüergen, and John!) so I feel better about my decision. I still hated to miss Connections, though, and I’m really looking forward to the Vegas version! My apologies to anyone who was disappointed by my absence. I hope it never happens again 🙂

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  1. Sean mcveigh

    Is there someone connected with the conference I can speak to? I came to hear you and Chris Avery speak and you both cancelled. At least i had the SQL track as a backup. Oh wait, that was cancelled, too.
    In short, that was a wasted 4 days for me and I’d like to attend the fall conference for free in lieu of the 20 or 30 sessions being cancelled at the one I tried to attend.
    Any help, Paul?
    I am glad your wife is feeling better.