HOWTO set the UM codec on a per-user basis

Exchange 2007 supports three codecs for Unified Messaging voice messages. I knew that you could choose which codec Exchange uses at the dial plan level, but until recently, I didn’t know that you could change this setting for individual users. The key is to use the CallAnsweringAudioCodec switch with the Set-UMMailbox command, like this:

Get-UMMailbox “paul” -CallAnsweringAudioCodec gsm

Of course, you can do lots of more interesting things with this cmdlet by using filters or other means to apply this setting to a group of users… say, your Entourage users, who can’t listen to UM voice mails recorded with the default WMA codec.

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One response to “HOWTO set the UM codec on a per-user basis

  1. Mike Nolan

    As I’m sure most people will figure out, the syntax is actually
    Set-UMMailbox “paul” -CallAnsweringAudioCodec gsm