Getting ready for INTERACT2008

This week, I’m getting ready to attend INTERACT2008, Microsoft’s new community event for unified communications. I think of it as a replacement for the long-departed and much-missed Microsoft Exchange Conference (MEC), but it’s not really the same thing. INTERACT is more focused, with a much higher technical session level. Press aren’t invited, but MVPs and other community influencers are. There should be a large presence from Microsoft’s engineering teams, which is always good. The whole event is structured around trying to reinforce the growing MS UC&C community and help it grow– a worthwhile goal.
I’m presenting two sessions and proctoring a hands-on lab. The sessions are both on UC development: one on the APIs you can use across various parts of Microsoft’s UC product line, and one on Exchange Web Services. The hands-on lab is really cool: it’s a distillation of the two days’ worth of labs that 3Sharp built as part of the UC Metro project for Microsoft. If you come do the labs, you’ll be getting the same training that Microsoft provides its ISV partners. If you’re going to be at INTERACT, drop me a line and let me know.

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