Tech Toy of the Week (3/27/08): GN 9350 headset

Here’s how much I like the GN 9350 headset: after using a review unit for about two weeks, I ordered them for myself, my partners, and some of the people on my team.

The 9350 is a lightweight wireless headset that features two connections: a USB plug that enables it to work with Communicator or other computer applications, plus a conventional headset connector. Two buttons on the headset base let you switch back and forth between modes. This allows you to quickly switch between a regular desk phone and applications like Skype, Mac Messenger, or Office Communicator.

Audio quality is excellent, as is range. My base unit is on my desk, in the northeast corner of the second floor. I can talk on the phone from anywhere in the yard, or even in the southwest corner of the basement. I particularly like this feature for long phone calls, as it means I can grab a diet Coke when I need one. (Sadly, there’s no mute button on the headset itself, so ix-nay on wearing it into the athroom-bay.) I easily get a full 9 hours of battery life, and the battery is replaceable so you can keep a spare on hand.

The 9350 features two headbands: one goes over the top of the head, and the other wraps around the back. I prefer the wraparound, but I appreciate that I got to make the choice. There’s also an optional remote handset lifter, the RHL-1000. I haven’t bought one because it’s only useful if you’re close enough to the phone to hear it ring, which generally I’m not.

At an MSRP of $299, this is an expensive piece of equipment (though you can find refurb units at Hello Direct for $199 or so). However, it’s made a huge difference in my ability to talk for long periods on the phone, which has ultimately made me quite a bit more productive. I give it two thumbs up.

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  1. Daniel

    We’re using the 9330s at work which are the same as the 9350 except they are USB only so they’re only really useful if you have Communicator.
    Press down on the volume button on the headset for mute (it will beep to remind you and light up the mute icon on the base). It’s not obvious if you don’t look in the manual. However, anyone here will be shot if they go to the loo wile using theirs 🙂