Plans for a lazy Saturday

This Saturday, Arlene is throwing a baby shower for our friend Rachael. The boys and I want no part of that, so we have alternate plans. First, we’ll go to Mark Wasylyshyn’s re-election pancake breakfast. With all-you-can-eat pancakes, this is a pretty good deal in my book. After that, we’ll head to karate for the Saturday morning double-header: an hour of grappling, followed by an hour of sparring. Matthew is excited that his sparring gear finally came in, so he’ll be out on the floor mixing it up for the first time. After that we should have time to grab a quick lunch before our monthly leadership seminar starts. These seminars are usually lots of fun; past seminars have focused on stick fighting, knife defense, and yoga (along with a good bit of character education).
By that time, the shower still won’t be over, so we might take in a movie, or maybe hit the library. After that, Tom and I will work on his Pinewood Derby car, and after that we can hopefully go home and feast on the leftover food from the shower.

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