Happy Valentine’s Day

Wow, what a day! As I write this, I’m in seat 15E on Northwest flight 208. It’s an exit row, so I can sit in reasonable comfort. The iPhone is rocking some Rock Band songs, and I’m working on UC Metro stuff (well, except for right now!)

Last night, Arlene and I left some Russell Stover mini-boxes on the kitchen table for the boys. This is a fun tradition, except for the part where they want to eat all the candy immediately upon sighting it. This morning, David made the bus without incident, and Tom woke up about 45min earlier than usual. He had decided, more or less at the last minute, to make a special Valentine for his friend Amber. This was a good move, because Amber is going to be gorgeous when she grows up and it’s important for Tom to score brownie points now, before adolescent stupidity sets in.

Anyway, once the boys were off to school, I worked for a while, then Arlene and I made a quick run to PF Chang for some delicious take-out lunch. This was followed by more work (big surprise there!), then a trip to see David’s orthodontist.

That’s right; I said "orthodontist." My little boy, the one who was deathly afraid of Santa Claus for his first couple of Christmases, is now entering the teenage netherworld of steel wires, rubber bands, and meticulous toothbrushing. He’s taken it really, really well (helped, no doubt, by the fact that the ortho folks said his smile already looks great, not to mention the ice cream the patients get when they leave), so today he got his separators in. These are little rubber rings that encircle his molars, gently pushing them apart. Next week, he gets his molars wrapped in metal so that the arcwire can be anchored to something solid, then they bond the brackets to his teeth with duct tape (kidding; it’s some kind of exotic dental glue). There are lots more details that I’m skipping because frankly they’re not that interesting unless a) you have a tooth fetish or b) it’s your child. The important details: brush and floss regularly, don’t sip sodas all day, and (the best part) pay up front to get a 5% discount.

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