HOWTO: Find a RoundTable case

I’m still really enamored of the Microsoft RoundTable conferencing camera. IMHO it’s a real breakthrough, and I can’t wait until we can get one of our own and start using it regularly for the meetings I have to attend. We faced a problem for the roadshows, though: the RoundTable is an odd shape and doesn’t disassemble for transport. I couldn’t see shipping a $3000 device in a cardboard box, so I did some digging. As far as I can tell, there’s only one company that makes RoundTable-specific cases. Titan Cases of Seattle. We ordered one, and it wasn’t cheap (about $335). However, just look at the darn thing. It’s practically indestructible. In fact, it should say “CRAFTSMAN” on the front.


Titan offers two models: one with wheels and one without. We took the wheel-less one in hopes that it would be easier to take aboard airplanes. It’s done an admirable job so far, but we’ll be ordering the next one in 3Sharp green.

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