Barcelona: 7 Portes

For dinner, I went out with a group of MS folks to a local restaurant called 7 Portes. It’s been here since 1837, if that tells you anything. Wow, it was good! Our table of about a dozen people shared four or five different appetizers, including jamon iberico (which I put on Catalan tomato bread to make a tasty open-faced sandwich), fried salt cod balls, and anchovies (skipped those!) I ordered something that was described as crayfish– turns out their web site menu has it right in saying langoustines. I was mildly surprised to see giant non-crawfish on my plate, but they sure did taste good. The food overall was excellent– everything I had was top-notch. I am now a huge admirer of jamon, which is illegal to import into the US. More’s the pity; I know lots of people whom I think would enjoy it.

As always, I have more stuff now than I did when I left home, so I’m in the midst of packing it all for my return tomorrow. BCN-AMS on KL, followed by AMS-DTW on NW, followed by a quiet evening with my family– I can’t wait!

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