Jumper: Griffin’s Story (Gould)

by Steven Gould

As good as Jumper and Reflex were– that’s how bad this book was. Instead of the sensitively drawn Davy Rice, hero of the first two books, we get a bumptious child named Griffin whose parents are killed when unknown attackers attempt to kidnap Griffin. The book follows Griffin’s escape and subsequent life, through age 18 or so. The problem is that he never grows up! Rather than the nuanced portrayal of Davy’s situation, we get an escapist sequence of chases, thefts, and narrow escapes that seems aimed right at the Alex Ryder demographic (although with a ton of bad language, so my kids won’t be reading this!) In the preface to the book, Gould admits that there are some changes from the settings of the previous books and that he hopes readers will give the book a fair shake. I did, and I was still disappointed. Hopefully the movie version is better. Oh wait. That’s why this book is so bad. Never mind.

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