Some quick musical thoughts

First, thank goodness for the iPod and its descendants! I love being able to listen to music when I work, when I exercise, or when I’m trapped 37,000 feet above the ground in a hurtling, noisy  aluminum tube for four hours.

Second, every time I hear the opening chords of Van Halen’s “Beautiful Girls” I break out in a big grin. The song just has such an infectious good-natured energy, neatly separated by the bridge, and David Lee Roth’s swagger is a perfect match for the “Hey, hey, where ya going?” at the song’s end.

Third, being able to impulse-buy iTunes songs with WiFi on my iPhone is really, really bad. If I’m not careful, I’ll blow my yearly entertainment budget on cheesy 80s songs.

Fourth, if you haven’t heard the Dirty Funker remixes of GnR’s “Welcome to the Jungle” or Metallica’s “Enter Sandman”, you’re missing out.

That’s all for now; my favorite song is on! (I kid, I kid; I have lots of favorites.)

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