Salt Lake City, part 3

We’d planned Saturday to be a big day, and it was!

We started with breakfast at the hotel, then we drove down to Provo to give the boys a quick tour of BYU. Of course, we don’t know enough about BYU to make it a real tour, so instead we went to the campus bookstore. Each of the boys got a T-shirt, Tom got a hat (which he hasn’t taken off for longer than an hour or so), and Arlene bought some craft stuff– mission accomplished. After BYU, we swung back up I-15 and stopped at the Ikea store long enough to get me a refill of Swedish salt licorice. I still prefer the little licorice mints I got when in Norway, but Ikea’s a lot closer. One more craft-store stop and then it was time for a break at the hotel.

After the hotel, we loaded up the car (and cameras) to head out to Antelope Island State Park. Despite the 95° heat, the boys were all in good spirits, and why not? The entrance to the park is a 7-mile-long causeway that connects the island proper to the mainland. As we expected after reading the park brochure, there were masses of birds flying around the causeway area; once we got onto the island proper, we hit the beach. We discovered that skipping stones in a lake that ranges from 4%-33% salinity (seawater is about 3%) is challenging because they tend to bounce right out when you skip them. We also discovered clouds of brine flies nesting on the rocks of the beach. It was really something to see the clouds move in unison when disturbed– sort of spooky, actually.

We hadn’t told Matt, but Antelope Island is home to a substantial herd of buffalo (err, bison). We drove over to Buffalo Point and took the trail up to Buffalo Point. It’s only about 650′ AGL, but it was quite a hike for Matt and Tom. They’re now bona fide mountain climbers, and we have pictures to prove it. Sadly, the restaurant was closed so we couldn’t have a buffalo burger. We did drive around the loop road in an attempt to see the herd, which was parked up on a ridgeline with no road access. One old bull was right near the fenceline, so we got a good look at him. That made everyone so happy that we had to stop at Dairy Queen on the way home 🙂

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