Long time, no blog…

Wow, it’s been nearly two weeks since my last blog post, and longer than that if you count the time since I actually posted anything interesting. Consider this a catch-up post for all the stuff that’s happened since the beginning of April or thereabouts.

Family reunion: after the New York roadshow event, I flew down to Jackson and met up with the rest of the family; we drove down to Alexandria for a day and thence to Houma. We had a wonderful time seeing both halves of the family and eating some amazing food. (I still haven’t unloaded my pictures from my camera, but I’ll try to get that done in the next few days.) It was especially good to see some of the Houma relatives whom I’d never met (like Jody & Eric’s kids) or hadn’t seen in a long time (pretty much everyone else!) Disclaimer: I still haven’t unloaded my camera pictures or photocopied the 1″ stack of family history data that Aunt Debby gave me. Yes, I’m behind.

Exchange Connections: we left New Orleans on April Fool’s Day and headed to Orlando for Exchange Connections. Great show, although I didn’t see as much of it as usual. Arlene and the boys came with me, and we spent a fair amount of time at Disney. I’d stacked all my sessions on one day, so apart from a few breakfast and dinner meetings with people I didn’t get out and about as much as I usually do.

Disney World: wow. We’ll never go during spring break again, I hope. It was insanely crowded. David and I rode the new Expedition Everest ride, and someone was kind enough to hook us up with some Dream FastPass tickets at MGM so we could get in to some of the more crowded rides (like Lights, Motors, Action!) The “Finding Nemo” musical at Animal Kingdom was excellent, and we enjoyed the dining as well. A special treat: we stayed at the Renaissance Orlando near Sea World for two nights. It’s undergoing renovation, but the guest rooms had already been redone, and they were superb! (Arlene and the boys made a side trip to Sea World one day. Their verdict: not worth the money or bother.)

Tons of work: where to begin?! Recounting all the things I’ve been doing would be too much like actual work. I can say that the Data Encryption Toolkit is in the bag and will be launched very soon (good thing, given that even companies that should know better sometimes lose data). The Exchange roadshow is nearly done (tomorrow, it’s DC; yesterday it was Phoenix), and I have a few other things in work that are keeping me maxed out until about the end of June.

Everything else: of course, there’s ongoing family life too. Tom’s baseball season officially kicked off, Matt’s soccer season is in full swing (or full kick, or whatever), and karate continues apace.

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