Mitel ships direct Exchange 2007 interconnect

This is very cool:
Mitel Delivers Direct SIP Connection to Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Unified Messaging.

Mitel’s embedded SIP integration eliminates the need for a separate SIP gateway as a go-between from a 3300 ICP SIP connection to an Exchange Server 2007 resulting in support for multiple forms of Unified Communications including voice, email and fax. Mitel can deliver this capability to existing 3300 ICP customers through a software upgrade that simply delivers the SIP server’s (gateway) functionality resulting in reduced complexity, time and cost for our customers. Native support of SIP on the 3300 ICP enables customers to take full advantage of the deployment of open standards and maximize their investment either in a Mitel or a multi-vendor environment that supports an open standards approach.

This is great news because it saves the expense and hassle of buying a separate gateway product just to integrate with the PBX. Back in August of last year, I met with the Mitel folks and strongly encouraged them to pursue direct interop; I believe that vendors who can directly talk to Exchange 2007 servers are going to sell more PBXes than those that don’t. I like the Mitel 3300 quite a bit (so much so that we bought one for our new office) and I’m pleased to see Mitel getting some first-mover advantage in this market.

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