What I actually said about Outlook performance

So, Eric Lai quoted me in another Computerworld article, this one on slow Outlook performance. However, he left out a couple of important parts of what I actually said. I told him that I’ve had problems with one particular Exchange account (I use three) on one of the several machines that I use Outlook 2007 on. The machine in question happens to be a Windows Vista (x86) machine that I bought in January, flattened, and did clean installs of Vista and Office on. Other Exchange profiles on the same machine work fine. The same Exchange account on Outlook 2007 on my XP machines work fine. Removing and recreating the profile on the Vista machine doesn’t solve the problem, hence my comment about there being something I don’t understand about the problem in this case. The Exchange server in question doesn’t belong to me, so I can’t run any of my usual troubleshooting tools on it.

I was also careful to point out to Eric that I’m not an Outlook MVP, and that he should speak to some Outlook MVPs for his story. That’s too bad, as I’m sure they would have been able to give a better perspective on that actual performance issues involved.


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