A busy Saturday

What a busy day! Here’s a partial list of the things we did:

  • Cleaned most of the house. This is a big deal since we stopped using a housekeeper, but the boys did a good job of their assigned task with (miracle of miracles!) zero complaining.
  • Went to karate class. This is a big production, because it requires getting all 3 of them into their uniforms, but it’s fun to go with them. Last time David was my partner; this time, it was Thomas.
  • Went to Radio Shack (iPod cables for the gym TV) and the bank.
  • Installed Arlene’s Valentine’s Day present. Yes, that’s right. I bought my wife a toilet for Valentine’s Day. Not every husband can pull that off, let me tell you right now.
  • Helped Dad remotely troubleshoot his balky printer. We didn’t figure out exactly what was wrong with it, but at some point it decided to start working on its own (probably from sheer terror at the thought of more troubleshooting!)
  • Unpacked and tested the copy of Dance Dance Revolution Universe for the Xbox 360 that I bought Thursday. This game might as well be titled “Hey, Paul, Your Dancing Sucks,” but we had a good time playing it with the kids.
  • Watched Facing the Giants. Wow. Amazing movie; I’ll write a more detailed review soon. We had a great family discussion afterwords; the movie touched on a lot of important spiritual principles.

I was pretty tired after all that fun; let’s just say I welcomed a quiet Sunday as an antidote!


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