Conference etiquette: avoid the cellphone while in the bathroom

Charles posted a list of etiquette suggestions based on his recent visit to Lotusphere, and Josh Maher posted a list of cell phone use social norms. Unfortunately, neither of these address a real problem I encounter when traveling: people who talk on the phone while in the men’s room. I’ve seen a wide range of offenders, from CEO-looking types in Armani to flannel-shirt-clad, John Deere-cap-wearing rustics. It amazes me: if you wouldn’t talk to your boss through a bathroom door, why on earth would you do it with a cellphone?

Let me make this perfectly clear: under no circumstance would I make a phone call while in the restroom, unless perhaps someone needed immediate medical help. Nor would I stay on the phone, chatting away, while I stood in front of the urinal doing my bidness. I’m pretty sure none of my friends, customers, family members, or co-workers want to talk to me that badly.

So, to summarize: no phone use in the bathroom. Thankyouverymuch.


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